25th Anniversary of Care International


Wecommunic8 were commisioned to create a Street Gallery to mark the 25th Anniversary of CARE International UK. The Gallery was sited by Millennium Bridge and in front of the Tate Modern, on the Southbank, in June and July 2010. The exhibition showcased 25 beautiful photographs from a wide variety of countries and cultures around the world. The images were chosen to illustrate how international aid has changed over the last 25 years, with a shift from basic food aid to more long-term, sustainable projects that enable people to work their own way out of poverty.



"This exhibition is our way of honouring the extraordinary courage and resilience of the poor people we have worked with for the last 25 years, and for reflecting on how our work has changed since we started a quarter of a century ago. Whether we are responding to emergencies or the daily challenge of grinding poverty, we will always strive to go beyond meeting the needs of the immediate problem. We aim to deliver long-term, enduring, positive changes to the lives of those struggling every day, to feed and educate their children and sustain their families.CARE International is one of the world's leading aid agencies, fighting poverty and injustice in more than 70 countries and helping more than 59 million people worldwide".

"The reason we chose to produce an outdoor photography exhibition was to raise awareness of CARE International and the issues we are tackling in the developing world. This has certainly been achieved.
We are now keen to continue with a national tour".

- Geoffrey Dennis, Chief Executive, Care International.


"The size and vibrancy of the photos really draws people in, and they often then take the time to read the caption panels that explain the meaning behind the pictures. Our exhibition in Brighton was the most successful yet – we estimate that we reached 4 million people during our month along the seafront and the Lend With Care website had 20% more traffic during the exhibition than the month before".

Vicki Love - Care International

If you would like to learn more about CARE's work around the world, please click on the link above.