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Chris Bridge founded and ran a major exhibition company before joining Imagination Ltd. Here he oversaw large scale projects ranging from car launches for Ford Motor Company to gala banquets at Blenheim Palace and award ceremonies at the Royal Albert Hall.The highlight of his tenure at Imagination was the achievement of transforming the empty space at the top of a building into one of the most sought after venues in London - The Imagination Gallery.

These skills and the expertise and professionalism accumulated over the years were employed with the launch of wecommunic8 in 2002. He initiated the new concept of large scale, open air, free to the public exhibitions and created the Earth from the Air exhibition that was sited at the Natural History Museum in London on the front lawn; the first time this has ever been done. This involved obtaining planning permission and agreement from English Heritage which needed to satisfy a number of criteria, particularly as the exhibition was being sited in front of a Grade 1 Listed building. From this success, he has championed this new concept and paved the way with City Councils to stage similar exhibitions in busy city centre thoroughfares.  No one has a better understanding of exactly what it takes to do this, including vital expertise in the area of health and safety issues that relate to mounting a large scale exhibition in a public forum to satisfy the requirement of the city/venue and the planning authorities.



Jan Bridge started her career working as a buyer for BHS undertaking new product development, packaging development and sourcing new products from abroad.
She then moved to Sainsbury's during the period when Sir John was at the helm and was instrumental in re-designing and developing new ranges and achieved increased sales to help Sainsbury to become the leading supermarket. Since that time, she set up a new company undertaking interior design; she has written 5 books on various craft subjects and contributed to many other magazines and newspapers.

From her extensive experience in the retail sector (a brief stint in a planning office) and in design work, she has been able to deliver another dimension to wecommunic8. With her artistic ability, she is able to support Chris on the design aspect of the exhibition from layout to graphics and advertising. She has the experience to curate exhibitions working closely with some of the most talented photographers creating successful outside events.

Added to this, wecommunic8 has recognised that there is a demand for value added merchandise, not only for sale at the exhibitions, but also in the retail sector. Therefore, Jan has developed the publishing arm of the company by creating, designing and marketing a successful range of products.