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I wanted to write and say thank you for all the support from yourself and the Wecommunic8 team for CARE International’s Photography Exhibition. We have received excellent feedback during both our 4-week exhibitions in London and Birmingham, from the public, media and corporate sector.

 The reason we chose to produce an outdoor photography exhibition was to raise awareness of CARE International and the issues we are tackling in the developing world. This has certainly been achieved.

 Geoffrey Dennis Chief Executive, CARE International.


This is to confirm that hosting the Earth from the Air Street gallery in Bath has already greatly exceeded our Council's expectations; the street gallery has successfully demonstrated the benefits of attraction, education and entertainment in a way that we could not have imagined or expected. It has already been seen by thousands of visitors, residents and school children and has proven to be an important and popular cultural event. It has created much public interest forming the focal point for a number of local initiatives stimulating interest in environmental, cultural and social issues. The exhibition has encouraged visitors into areas of the city that are usually much less busy resulting in an increase in footfall. It has also increased dwell time with both residents and visitors spending considerably longer in the centre as they study the images. I understand that you are planning to create Britain from the Air with the Royal Geographical Society; I would like to express my support for this project and my enthusiasm to host this street gallery in Bath.

 David Lawrence,  Divisional Director, Tourism, Leisure & Culture, Bath and North East Somerset Council.


Leeds City Council have worked with Wecommunic8 since 2005 and have to date hosted four street galleries. ‘Earth from the air’ was the first ever outdoor gallery exhibition to be staged in Millennium square – the city’s award winning public outdoor open space and multi-purpose entertainment venue located in the heart of the city centre. During its three months stay, the free exhibition was available 24 hours a day and attracted many hundreds of thousands of visitors, commuters, residents and passers-by of all ages. We were particularly impressed and delighted at the crowds and visitors who were visiting not only throughout the day and early evenings, but also pre and post dinner and theatre and late into the evenings. The fact that they are moveable and can be seen above head level makes them ideal for high footfall areas where crowds are passing through with the additional benefit of enhancing and also helping to regenerate the area. With our own experience of Leeds 800th, we are confident that the team at Wecommunic8 will not only deliver on time but with originality and to a high standard.

 Craig Shackleton, Principal Events Officer, Leeds City Council

"Over the past 18 months WWF-UK has developed a relationship with WeCommunic8 through two of their key photographic exhibitions; Earth from the Air and Spirit of the Wild. Both exhibitions have given WWF-UK the opportunity to reach a broad audience with the key messages on the degradation of our natural world, the threats posed to wildlife as well as humans and the ways in which we can avoid them. We feel that the exhibitions engage and inspire people on environmental issues and action that can be taken to reduce their impact.

We are keen to continue our support of WeCommunic8 in the future where their exhibitions have a direct link with our work and where such links help us achieve our core objectives of engagement, education and motivation for positive change towards environmental sustainability".

 Winnie De-Ath, Director of Communications, WWF-UK



"My partner and I visited Bath this week (my Birthday Treat) Your Pictures are quite addictive, we spent ages going round them all, and the map yesterday.

Brilliant work, thoroughly enjoyable and informative, the foreign tourists seemed totally intrigued too. Some fantastic photography, you must have one hell of a tripod !!"

Rob Corr via email

“Education to me is fitting young people to become adults and if someone spent a few hours going round these pictures as youngsters, that would be a good step in that direction.

I mean there are things here you’d never pick up in normal life and it’s presented so dramatically - things just stick in your mind...”


thank you for your invaluable work in helping highlight climate change through your powerful and informative exhibition’

The Right Hon Margaret Beckett MP (former Secretary of State for the Environment and Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs)


Earth from the Air is an extraordinary initiative, in that it challenges each and every person who comes into contact with it. We can't simply manage our way out of today's environmental crisis: we have to respond as much with our hearts and our souls as with our powers of reason. And that's exactly the impact that Earth from the Air has on people.

Jonathon Porritt, Programme Director, Forum for the Future and Chairman of the UK Sustainable Development Commission


It is obvious from the public responses to this exhibition that people are deeply touched, moved and most of all challenged by the provocative imagery. It is incredible that what are essentially simple, though stunningly beautiful, aerial snapshots of our world can inspire such complex emotional feelings in people - but they do, and they must if we are to begin to comprehend the state of our planet in a meaningful way and be inspired to do something about it.


What 'Earth from the air' does so effectively is communicate a vision of the world from an unfamiliar perspective (unless you typically spend your time a few hundred feet off the ground!). In seeing our landscape from this angle the forces that shape our planet are laid bare and transparent and human impacts become stark and clear. In essence what the exhibition does is compel the viewer to change their own perspectives and attitudes to their environment, which in the developed world represent some of the key barriers to overcome if we are to develop more sustainably into the future.

Ed Gillespie, Creative Director –FUTERRA Sustainability Communications Ltd